Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sunday School Noah's Ark Kit

I have made several of these Noah's Ark kits for Church Sunday Schools. The kit contains the disassembled pieces of the ark, dark storm clouds, lightening bolt, water, sun, rainbow, 18 pairs of animals, dove, Noah and wife, wooden pegs, small mallet, and a script.

The instructions start with the teacher reading the story. When the ark is to be built, it is held together with small wooden pegs that are inserted by the students. As the reading goes on, the students are asked to pair up and get their animals ready to board the ark. As the storm mounts, the clouds are added, the lightening is added, and the students put the animals (2 x 2) on/in the ark. The story continues and when the sun and rainbow are added, and the story in completed the students remove the animals 2X2.

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