Sunday, January 23, 2011

Larger Noah's Ark

Opps! I forgot to get some photos from the actual start. This will happen when I'm doing an Ark without plans, and just letting it develop. I get into the "Zone" and forget everything else. Maybe that's why I like doing this so much.

The first photo is of the basic flat sided hull with the bow and stern pieces. The deck is also done and inserted into the dados that were cut into the inside surfaces of the bow and stern pieces. The sides are 1/4th inch birch plywood, that has cleats attached to the inside for the deck to sit on. This ark will have a door for the animals. When opened, the door will be a ramp.

This Ark cabin has three openings on each side, and on the ends, so the animals can be placed inside.

This photo is just another angle. The animals are placed so that one may get a better idea of the Ark size. The elephant is about 3 inches tall.

Well, I thought it needed another cabin. The only place for it is on top of the other one. I also found some old salvaged OGEE molding that I used over the windows and doors, as well as at the top of the first level cabin..
Next we'll do the roof(s), copula, and the door.

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