Thursday, January 13, 2011

Making A Table Top Noah's Ark...continued

I usually paint the individual pieces before assembly. This is done so that I don't have to be real careful when painting a different color right next to another. For me it's just easier to paint then assemble. Another thing that my laziness dictates, is not to worry about sanding the raw edges of the plywood. This is an ol' time toy, and I like some appearance of wear on it. It generally sand the edges after painting. Additionally, the paint I use is "OPPS" paint. "OPPS" paint is the paint that is mixed wrong, or folks return it. It is generally priced at about $1.00 a quart.

Here's the Ark pieces painted.

This is one of the cabin sides, with some of the trim painted and unpainted. I decided to use a piece of salvage ogee trim above the window and doors. I still have to paint some of the trim. Now maybe you can see why I paint the pieces before assembly.
I seldom purchase any wood for the Noah's Arks that I make. Friends that are builders and carpenters, save left overs for me. That and I've been know to stop and pick through waste lumber at building sites.

The Ark cabin ends with the door.

The rainbow is by far the most work in this Table Top Noah's Ark. I never did learn to stay between the lines.

Tomorrow we'll assemble the Noah's Ark.

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