Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Making A Tabletop Noah's Ark

For the next several days we'll be step-by-stepping through the making of a tabletop Noah's Ark, similar to this one. I say similar, because I use no real plans. I use wood that is reclaimed or salvaged from various sources.
Start with a 1X8, and mark off the arks hull. This hull is 17 inches long X the width of the board. Cut the board to 17 inches. Cut the ends of the hull at 45 degrees.
Next, use 1/4 inch birch or popular plywood and mark the arks cabin ends. I'll not be supplying anymore measurements. I am sure you'll be able to approximate or come up with your own. When making the arks cabin, just be sure that you leave enough room on all cabin sides for the animals to stand on the arks hull. The arks cabin ends are exactly the same. Be sure to have the doors high enough so the tallest animals will fit through. The angle of the roof can be 45 degrees more or less.

Next we'll mark and cut the cabin sides. Then mark the windows, and prepare them for cutting. Since the cabin ends and sides are mirror images they can be stacked, nailed together, and each set cut at the same time. I use a scroll saw, so I drill a 1/2 inch hole in each window to insert the scroll saw blade.
The ark cabin ends and sides with the doors and windows cut out.
In the next post we'll mark and cut the roof, and cabin trim pieces.

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