Monday, January 17, 2011

Making A Table Top Noah's Ark...continued

The first photo shows attaching the cabin to the ark hull. Do this before attaching the roof.

Cut pieces of leather to serve as hinges to open one side of the roof . I fold the pieces of leather and preform them by squeezing them between two blocks of wood, over night. Use tacks and glue to attach the hinges to the roof sides. Be sure to leave about 3/16 inch between the tops of the roof sides, when attaching the hinges. If not, the roof sides will not lay flat against the cabin when closed.

After the hinges are attached to the roof sides, they can be attached to the ark cabin.
Remember the water, rainbow, storm cloud, lightening, and sun that we made. Cut and attach blocks of wood that have a short dowel attached to the block of wood, to the backs of these pieces. Drill receiving holes in the ark hull to receive the dowels in the back of the water.

Attach the lightening to the storm cloud. Drill a hole in the roof side to receive the dowel on the backs of the storm clouds, the sun and rainbow.
The reason for the attaching dowels on these parts is so that children, when hearing the story of Noah, and follow along and attach the storm clouds when Noah is told about the coming storm, and add the water when the flood comes.
Our next steps involve making the animals......

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