Saturday, January 15, 2011

Making A Table Top Noah's Ark ..continued

Use wood glue and 1/4" wire brads to connect the ends of the cabin to the sides. I use a pair of small needle nosed pliers to hold the 1/4" brads to start them with the hammer. The two strips that were ripped are installed as shown in the second photo. Be sure to attach them flush with the bottom of the cabin. These two strips will provide room for screws to attach the cabin to the Ark hull.

Attach a third squarish piece between the tops of the cabin ends as shown in the third and forth photo. This piece will provide flat surfaces to which we can attach the roof.

Meanwhile I am still laboring over the rainbow painting.....I hate painting between the lines....


  1. Just starting wood carving hobby, and have a question - why do you shellac the animals before painting? I thought the shellac would add a protective layer over the paint, but I don't know why you would do it before.

    1. The water based paint tends to raise the grain in the wood if applied directly. The coat of shellac seals the grain and when paint is applied the grain does not raise....Thanks for your interest.

      By the way, I dip the pieces into the shellac and then let dry.

      Tom H

  2. Thanks, Tom - I'm building on ark loosely based on yours for my son for Christmas. It's my first woodworking project since I was a boy scout! I'm having fun with it, but its much less fancy than yours. I'll have my wife post pics on her blog for you to see when I'm done.
    Kevin W.
    By the way - how do you do deer antlers?

  3. Kevin, Thanks for the comment, and your interest. I am looking forward to seeing photos of your ark, I stopped attaching antlers, cause the kids kept breaking them off.

    Thanks again, Tom H