Sunday, April 7, 2013

New Ark - To Size

When sizing and designed an Ark to fit certain animals, I like to start with the side profile of the ark hull.  First I set out two carved animals, one the largest and one the smallest.  The finished ark should be in proportion to handle both the large and the small.  For this small ark I'll select the hippopotamus and the swan.

For the actual ark I'll want something more than a plain "slab-sided" hull.  I'll need a hinged door in one side, and a bit of trim over that door.
The next pieces to measure and cut are the ark ends.  Notice the cut on the ends to accept the sides.
After the ends are laid out and cut, a dado is cut into the insides of the ends; to accept the deck.
Next, I like to layout and cut the bow and stern trim pieces.
Here's the basic Ark's hull with main deck, and stern or bow trim.

We need this in order to size the main deck cabin.  When determining the size of the main deck cabin, I like to leave enough space between the cabin and the ark sides to accommodate an animal.
There needs to be a top to this main cabin and one more cabin with hinged roof. 

I'll need to add a hinged door to the ark hull and more trim, before I paint.