Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Finishing The Small Ark

I have found that it is always easier to paint the ark in pieces, before you assemble it.  Once the colors are selected for the main parts of the ark, I like to paint the pieces without any sanding.  After the ark is assembled, I sand the corners where ware would occur; thereby achieving a bit of instant age for the ark.  The pieces and parts of the ark that will receive separate colored paint are:  roof, cabin(s), cabin floor(s), deck, ark sides and ends, and trim if any.

For this ark I decided that the deck, cabin floor, and roof would be the same color (green).  After the paint has dried, assemble the ark.  I use I use carpenters glue, and brads.  For the larger arks I like to use screws to attach the cabins to the decks.
Before actual assembly select, measure and cut the leather for the hinges (roof and hull door); and attach them.  To attach the leather hinges, I use glue and small tacks.  Follow the steps as listed:
1.  Glue and nail the stern and bow trim pieces.
2.  Center and attach the first deck cabin to the hull deck.
3.  Insert the hull deck and cabin assembly into the dados in the bow and stern pieces.
4.  Attach the hull sides to the bow and stern pieces.  Use glue and brads, and make sure the hull is square.  Note: Use 1/2" - 5/8" wire brads or a small nail gun.  If using brads, clip the brad heads off after starting them, then hammer flush.  If this is done no nail hole filing is necessary).
5.  Center and attach the hinged roof assembly to the second deck cabin.
6.  Center and attach the second deck cabin and roof assembly to the second deck.
7.  Center and attach the second deck and cabin assembly to the first deck cabin.
Sorry for "jumping the gun" and adding some small animals.  Just had to see what it looked like.  I still have to add a small knob to the hull door, and sand the ark.

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