Thursday, December 23, 2010

Noah's Ark - Bible Story and the Toy

I don't remember ever not knowing the story of Noah and the Ark. I don't remember when I was told the story. I was probably in Sunday school. I, like most others, have been fascinated by the story. The ark as a toy, became popular sometime in the past. It might have been the one toy that some children were permitted to play with on Sunday. I have heard of the ark and animals, referred to as a Sunday toy.

While the story of Noah and the Ark has been fascination to many, to me it became that and something more. It became an outlet to a creativity streak in me. I began to make Noah's Ark as a toy. Each phase of the ark building process became a labor of love. The ark design itself can go in endless directions. The building materials can include all sorts of woods. The selection and designs of the animals are as many as there are animals. The carving techniques to be used on the animals can vary from a pocket knife to power tools. The end result is always the same. A toy that young and old alike find fascinating to view and interact with.

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